Said and Done - Better Days 12" 12" and 10" vinyl


New 10 track full length LP, on Cobra Records, Straight & Alert Records & White Russian Records.

“Said And Done; the dutch quintet that released a handful of 7″s, and a full length earlier took its time. The last two years they spent writing and recording “Better Days” their selves. Going back to where it all began for them for inspiration, the music they grew up on in the 90’s. A new lineup, a new record, time flies. Things have changed for sure. They used to have a short version of their biography that simply said hardcore. No idea if that still applies, purists will probably disagree. They’re still hardcore punk kids at heart, but their influences are way broader than that. Always have been. Check their record collections and you’ll find as much Bad Brains as Nirvana in there. Raw and melodic but above all, it has to be real.”