Plague Mass - Union of Egoists 12" 12" and 10" vinyl


new mint record in a damaged sleeve
released through Crimethink (a.o.)
The PLAGUE MASS from Austria is releasing a full-length titled "union of egoists" which contains 12 real dark tracks. THE PLAGUE MASS has stepped up their game. While borrowing influences from '90s new-school till cleveland inspired bands, they brings forth a punishing attack that pummels your inner being and spits you out when you have nothing to left to give. The lyrics are political, since they pass judgement on society with a personal affect. Go and get this album!

Track Listing:

Union Of Egoists
Fast Alles
Calling A Spade A Spade
Last Home
Reprobates Part II
New Wings
Giving Up
La Vie Vivante
Unter Menschen